Working in the digital marketing and Web industry for over 15 years we have a broad range of experience; from delivering digital marketing strategies to ftse 500 companies to creating wireframes, graphic design, and branding solutions for sole traders.  If you already have a website, perhaps you want it updated with new branding, logos and graphic design. Once we have a brief we can scope out the cost for the design work. If you already have a website but you want to get more leads, there are various online marketing channels you can undertake to obtain more traffic and conversions. These are SEO, PPC, email marketing, social media, and affiliates. 

SEO or search engine optimisation is doing things to your website and other websites to improve your ranking in search engines. This can be creating content on your site (on site seo) or obtaining links to your website (off site seo). PPC or pay per click is creating adverts in Google yahoo or bing that users click on to drive traffic to your site. For example if you were an electrician in Wareham you would create an advert for people that were looking for an electrician in Wareham that appears when someone types in “electrician Wareham”. Email marketing is outbound or pull marketing, creating newsletters to subscriber lists with cta (calls to action) that would deliver traffic of a lead such as form filling completion. Affiliates are websites that drive traffic to your website.